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Keep it simple with simple ingredients

While I've been practicing and prioritizing wellness for well over a decade now, my lifestyle is always evolving.

I'm a strong believer that wellness shouldn't be static, but instead, should be allowed to flow and adapt to whatever you are experiencing in your life. This is exactly why a one-size-fits-all approach to health is bananas!

I see so many people putting road blocks in place when it comes to making changes to their health, making it far more challenging than it needs to be. You simply need to accommodate your lifestyle.

For example, before I became a parent, I had lot's of time to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I was able to connect with my food more often and create nourishing and satisfying meals that kept me energized, fit, and well. Oh, and the leftovers I always seemed to have were a life saver!

The reality is however, as parents, we simply don't have the time, patience, or energy most days to spend a lot of time fussing in the kitchen.

Not to mention it's difficult to be passionate about creating beautiful meals when you've got little ones and family members turning their noses up at everything you present. This can leave us feeling frustrated and defeated.

While I know how tempting it is to order a pizza, or pop some frozen food in the oven to get meal times done and over with, when it comes to wanting to be healthy without all the fuss, you can have your cake and eat it too after all.

You just have to simplify your approach to foods by letting go of your current idea of what a meal is. A meal doesn't have to be something that took an hour to prepare with a ton of ingredients. Take it easy on yourself!

Stick with whole foods and you are winning!

Here is a list of my top 6 go-to fast-food meals that get me through the days when I just don't want to cook.

1. Salad + Sardines

Nothing makes me feel more successful than having a giant salad prepared and ready in my fridge. This makes it easy to create a meal when I'm short on time. Combine it with some canned sardines and you've got a protein packed meal that's loaded with hormone-healthy fats and nutrients that will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

2. Organic Turkey Slices + Radishes + Cucumbers + Cherry Tomatoes

Slicing up veggies takes no time. Use whatever you have on hand and combine it with rolled up turkey or chicken slices. Easy peasy!

3. Protein Smoothie

I keep frozen fruit and vegetables in my freezer at all times for when I'm in a pinch and don't have anything fresh in the refrigerator. Toss some hemp protein, collagen peptides or nut butter along with a cup of berries and a large handful of greens and some fat (avocado, coconut oil, or ground flaxseed) into a blender and you've got yourself a liquid meal.

4. Avocado + Sprouted toast

It doesn't get any easier than mashed up avocado spread on toast. Sprinkle on some sea salt and pepper and combine it with a salad and you've got a nourishing and satisfying meal at any time of the day.

5. Roasted Yams + Poached Egg + Avocado

It's quite common for me to roast up a large batch of cubed yams and keep them in my refrigerator for adding to meals. When I want to create an easy meal I simply reheat them in the oven (I haven't used a microwave in 13 years) and combine them with a poached egg and avocado slices when I'm in a pinch. Again, a great meal for any time of the day.

6. Buddha Bowls

There is nothing easier than a bowl. Start with a whole-grain base (think quinoa or rice), throw in lot's of chopped fresh veggies, add a protein (think adzuki beans, hemp seeds, tofu, falafel, or chicken) and coat in a delicious dressing. Done and done!

The great thing about simple meals like these is that it helps you have better control over your portion sizes so you don't overeat, which can be easy to do when you starving and reaching for something quick.

The key is to not allow yourself to get too hungry between meals. Pay attention to those hunger signals before you find yourself grabbing empty calories for a quick fix. These ideas help you to avoid this scenario quite easily.

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