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"Your knowledge and passion for what you do was the reason I wanted to work with you. The only hesitation I had was in the cost. In the end I decided my life and health are priceless.


Your recommendations gave me instant energy. I had no "crash" from cutting food out. It changed the modes for me and my 3 year old. We are not so cranky now and I was also able to lose 16 lbs and it's only been 3 weeks!


What I liked best was the meal plan, shopping list, and recipes.  It helped me organize and plan my meals and snacks better.


The other benefits I received was;

A. Some self talk that I can give myself on who the person is I want to be. 

B. It Helped me reexamine my goals and the excuses I put in front of myself... and that they are excuses.

C. A plan.


I would recommend you because you are so knowledgeable on women's health. You are not one sided. You look at each person individually and customize a plan that suits them. You have changed my outlook on myself and my health. 

You're so awesome Kayla. You helped me to see value within myself and helped me to start seeing food differently.


Thank you."


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I’ve lost 11 pounds so far, I’m going to the bathroom 2 to 3 times a day now, the acne on my jaw line has finally cleared up, energy is more consistent and I finally getting to sleep by 11 PM which is huge for me. Before your program I was struggling with fertility but I'm thrilled to report that I'm now expecting!!!

- Andreanne

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"What I gained from working with you is knowledge, inches lost, confidence, positive approach for the future, a new appreciation for food and it's function...did I mention knowledge??


What I liked best was You. You're kind without being nice ( no sugar coating!! I hate 'nice'. I'm not nice and I'm a fucking warrior (kind, gentle but truthful and not afraid to confront when need be, as are you!). You are transparent. You share pieces of you which allowed me to feel 'normal' and validated my concerns, my process. You held me accountable, but not so strict that I feel I couldn't talk to you. You're accommodating and understanding. You allowed me to go deep within my emotions and .) You aren't black and white, you allow for life to happen and are understandable but then pushed when I needed to be pushed. You're funny as shit. You're so accessible!! I love that if I had a crisis situation, you were there. You never made me feel guilty or bad for contacting you about the smallest thing, and for the really big things too!!


The other benefits I got from working with you are knowledge. Did I say that already? Information about supplements and how to best use them. The Recipes (yum!)


I have and will keep promoting you!! Oh, why? because of all the reasons above.


I'm not sure I can express all the gratitude that I have for you. My life will forever be changed and I will remain eternally blessed for having worked with you. I have hope and a positive outlook for my future. Sincerely, thank you."


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"THANK YOU SOO MUCH KAYLA! For getting me out of a huge lazy bloated tired funk!  I knew gut health was important but I didn't realize how important and thanks for showing me and guiding me on ways to help balance my hormones and how to make sure my body is getting the proper nutrients and supplements I need and how to incorporate them into my daily life! I'm sad we are done it was sure a huge wake up call! But I can now fit into pre-baby clothes again!
The other benefits I received was weight loss, inches around the stomach area, clear skin NO MORE GROSS BLOATING! I knew that wasnt normal lol and just all in the importance of gut health.
    What I liked best was the recipes! And the non-judgement zone! 
     What I discovered was that balance and healthy mind and healthy body make up for being happy and healthy!"


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