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Learn the basics of what's going on with your hormones during each phase and how to sync up your lifestyle with your cycle in order to support it better.


Each phase comes with its own share of emotions and energies and if you're not in tune with the natural rhythms of each phase, this can make you miserable.


Use this handy workbook to start cycle syncing.


Includes a chart and journal exercises.





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You can't achieve hormone balance without addressing the big elephant in the room which is stress!


Many of us don't even realize just how stressed we are, let alone how much it's affecting our health.


Use this handy guide to help you tap into what your symptoms are trying to tell you.


Are you experiencing signs of too much cortisol? or perhaps complete burn-out?


Either way, this guide helps shed some light on what's contributing to your complaints and gives you some helpful strategies for helping your body cope with stress!





Whether you're experiencing estrogen dominant problems such as PMS, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts and Pain, or Fibrocystic breasts; Blood sugar instability issues such as cravings, mood swings, or weight gain or; Adrenal dysfunction issues like fatigue, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep and poor immune function, this guide provides you with an easy chart that shows you exactly which foods you can start including now to start supporting hormone balance.



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We know that we need good quality sleep in order to thrive and feel well, and yet many of us are not getting enough of it.


This makes us miserable.


After all, poor sleep is associated with weight gain, premature ageing, poor gut health, hormone imbalances and cravings. Not good!


I consider sleep one of the best forms of self-care as sleep alone has incredible healing powers.


Do yourself a solid and start getting better sleep, you deserve it!




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The gut-hormone connection is real. In fact, you can't balance hormones without addressing the gut.


With so many factors influencing the health of our guts these days most of us have some sort of imbalance going on.


Imbalances like yeast overgrowth, SIBO, barrier permeability, and gut infections like H. Pylori create inflammation and hormonal disruption throughout the body. This is why it is critical to adopt a diet and lifestyle that supports gut harmony if you want to balance your hormones and feel good again.


Use this free download to learn how to begin repairing your gut today. Includes a bonus guide to fermented foods!