Does this sound like you...

  • You're short-fused and you feel bad because you often blow-up at loved ones or find yourself being snippy with friends or colleagues

  • You're wired one minute, unable to focus, anxious and irritated and then tired, foggy and sluggish the next

  • You've been wearing the same pair of sweat pants for the third day in a row because anytime you go through your closet in just ends in frustration or tears

  • You need coffee to get you going in the morning and sometimes at noon

  • You can't shed stubborn weight and you hate the way your clothes fit

  • You feel like the cravings you have are in control of you and not the other way around

  • You feel older than you actually are and feel like you've lost your drive and enthusiasm

  • You feel like you're only ever half there. You feel emotionally empty at times and can't remember the last time you genuinely felt a happy emotion other than frustration and guilt

  • You feel like you've lost yourself and feel disconnected from who you really are and your purpose











Here's the thing...

It's NOT your fault. It's your broken energy and mood hormones!

It’s not your fault that you can’t keep your sh*t together and that you’re tired all of the time unless you repair your energy and mood hormones, no diet, workout plan, meditation, or green juice is going to return you back to feeling vibrant, present and energized. 

I have a solution for you...The Flourish Method!

In the Flourish Method, we uncover the broken energy and mood hormones and my clients are given tools, strategies and targeted nutrients to repair and balance their energy and mood hormones so that they can get their body and sanity back.

I wanted to create a safe and supportive space for women to come and be around others like them as they work to regain their energy, focus and sense of self.

The Flourish Method isn't just a diet. It's a nutrition, mindset and lifestyle plan that helps you understand your body better and connect with yourself on a much deeper level.

Everything I teach in The Flourish Method I had to learn on my own with much trial and error. It is my mission to help shorten the gap between where you are and where you desire to be in your health so that you can elevate your life and FLOURISH!

How it works:



We use a 4-phase system in The Flourish Method that delivers 4 core pillars: Repair, Replenish, Rebalance and Renew. Here's how it works:

Pillar 1 - Repair: First we kickstart your detoxification pathways by removing common inflammatory triggers and loading up on targeted foods and nutrients that work to repair and optimize your gut and digestion. This is an integral part of hormone balance.

Pillar 2 - Replenish: You're given strategies and daily practices that take you out of fight or flight to help you experience more calm and focus. You are given a dietary protocol that will replenish and fuel your energy and mood hormones so that you can feel emotionally uplifted and experience better stress resilience.

Pillar 3 - Rebalance: We stimulate and reboot your metabolism for better energy, mental clarity, weight release, and stamina.

Pillar 4 - Renew: You'll learn how to harness the power of your cycle as we take a deep dive into each phase and what your body is primed for each week of the month. You'll discover and execute some key strategies and lifestyle hacks for more ease and flow throughout your cycle so that you can start living in better harmony with your body.

This program is for you if:

  • You want energy that lasts all day long so that you can do the things you've been putting off and feel more accomplished

  • You want to feel upbeat and emotionally uplifted so you can feel enthusiastic about life and doing the things that you enjoy

  • You want to feel calm and focused as you move through your day instead of anxious and scattered

  • You want to wake up feeling clear and restored instead of groggy and sluggish

  • You're ready to break up with the bad habits that leave you feeling guilty and disappointed in yourself

  • You want to feel proud of yourself and your health

  • Your vision is more important to you than your excuses

  • You're coachable and understand that you don't have it all figured out and are open to new ways of doing things

  • You're so done with allowing your health and happiness to take a back seat while you put everyone else's needs above your own

  • You have a genuine interest in wanting to learn how your body works because you believe knowledge is empowering

  • You're ready to do hard things because you understand that that's what grows you and gives you real results

  • You feel uncomfortable with the idea of being in the same place a year from now

  • You've taken the time to consider the cost of doing nothing and don't like what that looks like


This program is not for you if:

  • You don't like doing things that challenge your comfort zone

  • You have a million reasons why you can't experience the health you want

  • Your fears are bigger than your vision

  • You think you have all of the answers

  • You tend to look for reasons not to do something instead of doing it

  • You blame everyone and everything for not being where you want to be

  • You're fine with being exactly where you are a year from now

Here's what you get when you join The Flourish Method program:

  • Unlimited access to The Flourish Method Membership hub

  • A step by step plan. This will be invaluable in creating sustainable habits around improving your energy so you can uplevel your health and feel good again.

  • Recipes and shopping lists. You'll never have to guess what you should eat again

  • Support. Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us on group calls, in the support community, etc so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support

  • Education. Understand your body better so you can feel empowered as you instantly start improving your energy and start feeling better

  • A 45 minute VIP success call with Kayla to help ensure you're on the right track

  • and much more



If this sounds like the solution you've been waiting for, book your FREE 45-minute Start Flourishing Clarity call to see if The Flourish Method is right for you!


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