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What to Eat in the Winter to Boost Weight Loss

Oh my gosh we are hating on carbs right now aren't we? Afterall, Keto is HUGE right now. I know that low-carb trends happen every couple of decades (remember Atkins?) but can we go easy on carbs for just a minute?

If you find yourself guilty over eating a potato or avoiding carbs to lose a few pounds I have good news about carbs to share. Ok, I have many, but for today I want to talk about one of the benefits of eating seasonally and how it relates to carbohydrates.

I LOVE carbs! Here are just one of the many reasons why...

It turns out that eating more starches and carbohydrates in the winter can actually boost weight loss and improve your fat-burning potential. Skipping summer foods like smoothies, salads and fruits in favor of high fibre and resistant starch winter foods actually help promote weight loss by encouraging the growth of Prevotella species bacteria in the gut.

Research published in the journal science found that gut bacteria changes with the seasons. As the weather gets colder prevotella flourishes and these bacteria help us process important nutrients that boost well-being, including the immunity-boosting zinc. Prevotella loves winter foods like starches, grains, and beans.

In fact, when we don’t eat the winter foods that Prevotella are designed to digest, those beneficial bacteria begin to die out. As a result, digestion becomes sluggish and food waste begins to build up in the colon. Fat-promoting bacteria feed on these undigested food particles and produce harmful metabolic waste that, over time, creates a toxic load in the body. And because these toxins have to be filtered through the liver, the organ can become too overworked to optimally perform its other important duties, including fat burning.

Research shows that adults with a higher ratio of Prevotella lost 63% more weight while enjoying a high-fibre diet than those who had lower levels of the beneficial gut bug.

Now's the perfect time to load up on beautiful energy-sustaining foods like potatoes, turnips, carrots and beets. Try roasting them with a bit of smoked paprika and turmeric and don't be afraid to fill your belly with lots of hearty lentil and bean stews and skillets!

They're delicious and satisfying!

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