Trouble Losing Weight? - Here Are Some Things to Consider

Updated: May 12, 2019

If you're struggling to lose weight or keep it off and forever chasing the next diet trend, or obsessing over calories then I'm here to tell you, you are not alone. The trouble with your weight may not be what you think.

Here are some commonly overlooked causes of weight gain that seldom come up in the conversation of weight-loss, but are still major factors.

1). Your blood sugar isn't balanced

You can eat raw, organic, whole-foods all day long and stuff salads down your throat until you're blue in the face, but if you're having blood sugar swings by not eating the right food combinations and not eating at the right times then you're causing your body stress and stress makes us fat. Period.

A great indicator that you're having blood sugar swings is that although you're eating super healthy, you are still having strong cravings and are agitated and lightheaded between meals.

A great way to counteract this and balance blood sugar is by making sure to include good quality protein, fat, and fiber at every meal and eat frequently.

2). You're not looking at what's in your cupboards and medicine cabinet

Have you heard of obesogens? Things like household cleaners, cosmetics, food additives, over-the-counter drugs, heavy metals, air pollution, fumes, fertilizers and pesticides all create toxicity and are found in our body as the end products of the metabolic process and bacterial waste.

Toxins affect the hormones that influence our body composition and ability to lose weight such as the thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, insulin, cortisol and leptin.

Reducing our exposure is key. By choosing cleaner household products, limiting processed foods and choosing organic, as well as supporting the organs that help us eliminate these toxins.

3). You're not sleeping enough

If you're trying to eat super healthy but are still not getting to bed at a decent hour, or waking up all hours of the night, then you're being counter-productive.

Not getting enough sleep decreases thyroid hormone and elevates cortisol, a recipe for unwanted weight-gain.

To improve sleep quality, go to bed at a decent hour to give yourself enough time to fall asleep, take magnesium and turn off devices an hour before bed to reduce stimulating the nervous system.

4). You're not managing stress

When you're counting calories, obsessing over things like; what not to eat, the number on the scale and beating yourself up every time you eat something "bad", you are elevating stress hormones.

If you're stuck in traffic and flipping the bird to the driver in front of you for making you slam on the breaks, running late or skipping meals in order to get stuff done, you are elevating stress hormones.

What good is dieting if you are skipping meals when you are hungry, flustered from running around like a crazy person all day, and overwhelmed by responsibilities and demands and not taking any time for yourself?

Chronic stress makes us fat, so every time you think you're losing weight by depriving and starving yourself you are WRONG! You are doing the complete opposite. Sure you might shed some water weight and the number on the scale may drop a couple digits, but unless you learn to manage stress first, and eat in a way that supports your body, that weight is coming back. Nourish your body don't deprive it.

5). You don't want it bad enough, feel worthy enough or believe that you can have it

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you jumped through all the hoops to get it? Do you remember how good it felt to get it? What about making plans with a friend and showing up on time because you would never cancel on a friend right?

Have you ever set a personal goal for yourself only to not show up? Have you ever said to yourself "this is my year to lose weight and get in shape" only to try for a few days and then give up?

If you truly want to lose weight and feel better, then you will make it happen. When you really want it and feel worthy of it, you'll stop fighting for your circumstances, drop the excuses and start showing up for yourself. You will find 30 minutes to workout, you will stop eating out of a 7 Eleven, and you will carve out the time to prepare healthy foods and learn new recipes.


What you want for yourself is already yours - you just have to make it your mission and go after it!

If you are trying to shed unwanted weight but have been spinning your tires and not seeing the changes you desire, give me a call! Let's set up an appointment and I will do a full in-take of your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, health history and symptomatology to help you uncover what's contributing to concerns.

Together we'll develop a customized strategy that will give you real results.

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