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The 7-Day Metabolic Flip (self-paced)

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Ready to push the reset button on your metabolism? If you're a female who's over 35 maybe you've experienced the shock of sudden fat that sticks to you like glue despite your efforts. -Perhaps you've gained an inch (or two) around your midsection -Perhaps your energy levels aren't what they used to be -Maybe you feel less in control over your food choices because cravings are running the show In this 7-day program, you will use delicious foods, timing and combinations to power up your metabolic hormones so you can increase your energy and burn the extra layer!! Each day I show you HOW and WHAT to eat by giving you the tools to address the root cause of weight loss resistance and a sluggish metabolism after 35! You'll discover: *What to eat for breakfast to maximize fat-loss potential *Why macros matter more than calories *How blood sugar is the BOSS of hormones *The circadian hormones and how to cycle carbs for better fat-burning potential *Why sleep matters and how to get more of it *The importance of building muscle *The #1 organ you need to know about so you can stop storing fat and ignite your metabolism! What you'll receive: *Metabolically-friendly recipes that are easy to put together and contain ingredients you can find at any grocery store *A daily meal plan so you will know what to eat and how to combine your foods from morning to evening *A shopping list to keep you organized as you shop for healthy ingredients *Daily lessons and action steps +bonuses




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