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I help women overcome burnout and restore their mood and metabolism without having to count or track anything!

Meet Kayla

Meet Kayla

Kayla Cluett is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, Functional Hormone Coach and Founder of The Flourish Method. Her mission is to help release women from the constraints of dieting and restriction by guiding them to anchor into daily habits that help them cultivate a deeper partnership with their bodies so they can activate their innate healing capacity.

"Food is emotional connection, cultural exchange, environmental engine and personal empowerment."

While few people connect deeply with nutrients, everyone connects deeply with food which is why it's so important to rebuild our relationship with what's on our plate and that starts with rebuilding our relationship with ourselves.


Many of the hormonal disturbances women are dealing with today are a product of their environment. Our exposures, the thoughts we think, subconscious programming, beliefs, and social expectations have done an excellent job of keeping us in survival mode. This is the reason so many women live in the external instead of feeling safe enough to go within.

"Hormonal balance is intrinsically related to spirituality and healing hormonal imbalances is often a catalyst for spiritual growth." Dr. Jolene Brighton

Kayla helps teach women how to come back home to their inner goddess and realign their mind-body-soul connection. She'll teach you how to honour your intuition and nurture your spirit so that you never have to look outside yourself for answers again.

"When we learn to see our female bodies as sacred vehicles for the journey of our soul, our health improves on all levels" Dr. Christiane Northrup

Meet Kayla

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