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My mission? To help ladies vanquish burnout, perk up their mood, and rev up their metabolism without having to sacrifice carbs or worship the treadmill gods!

Meet Kayla

Meet Kayla

Meet Kayla Cluett, a superhero with a mission to help women break free from the chains of dieting and restriction. As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Functional Hormone Coach, Kayla founded The Flourish Method to help women connect with their bodies, and unlock their natural healing abilities through daily habits.

Food is more than just a bunch of nutrients on our plate. It's culture, emotion, and empowerment all rolled into one. That's why Kayla's approach to nutrition begins with a deep dive into our relationship with food, and in turn, ourselves.

In today's world, hormonal imbalances are a common issue for many women, stemming from external factors like our environment, thoughts, and social expectations. Kayla believes that the key to restoring balance is by tapping into our spirituality. By realigning the mind, body, and soul, we can unleash our inner goddess and find answers within ourselves.

Join Kayla in celebrating the sacred vehicle of the female body and unlock your full potential!

Meet Kayla

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